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September 23, 2005


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Hello from Turkey( Turkiye),Here there is a real trouble on teacihng English at schools. The educational system is unsuccessful. Although we are techers of English, many of us do not really have a command of English. Some of us have been to abroad, so their Eglish is more fluent.Also there are handicaps, especially financial, at schools.At the end of their approximately a 10-year of English education, almost all students cannot speak English.I want to learn how to teach English efficiently at school with limited conditions. Could you please help me about this?Also i want to ask how you had chosen those tesol teachers for the Convention? Which qualifications must one have to be choosen?


One more thing. Congress should pay for the NOLA relief by cutting the waste from their porky budget.


The Stafford statute dictates that the money will be spent one way or the other. But that has nothing to do with implementing a constructive agenda. And that money will by the same statute go to things public.

The advantage for pushing a conservative agenda comes from the reactions of many of the evacuees. It seems many feel betrayed by the performance of their democrat controlled local governments. Some sound ready to get off the plantation. New Orleans was the very definition of a failed welfare state. Many of these same folks no longer want to depend on government for their subsistence. Some do. As for those that do, a help you help yourself approach should be taken. School vouchers, welfare reform and immigration reform need to be central to the plans. So does tax relief to businesses willing to locate in the area.

I don’t disagree with you about money Gary. I just think it is necessary for the POTUS to spend a little time down there pushing an agenda. Having America see Conservatives as the ones who rebuilt New Orleans is a coffin nail for the liberals. And the failures of the war on poverty type liberal policies must be highlighted from the bully pulpit.


Help me connect the dots on tens of billions for New Orleans et al enabling Bush to rectify the inner city welfare mess when Louisiana is under deep, deep liberal dem party control?


My president is spending so much time down in New Orleans because he sees the opportunity that is there. Conservatives have a chance to really clean up a liberal disaster. Not the natural disaster but the unnatural one caused by the welfare state. This is political pay dirt that will pay off long after Bush is back on the ranch.

Ninja R

Whether or not FNC is left, middle of the road or right is probably another topic for another time, but I'll address it now since the comment was directed at me. I tend to think they're more middle of the road than anything.

But if FNC is left-wing, I sure wish someone would tell Brit Hume and Shepard Smith - some say the two most notorious conservatives on deck - how left wing they really are.

I couldn't care less how conservative Rupert Murdoch is since he's not a reporter.

People often get FNC's opinion programs mixed up with news. If people believe O'reilly, Hannity and Colmes, Greta "Palsy" Van Susteren, or any other op/ed show is hard news, they're flat out wrong. It's opinion. Fox bashers seem to be unable to tell the difference.

But I think the bottom line isn't about a media source's leaning - it's about profit and self promotion. If they can find a niche and make money from it, they'll do it. And good on 'em because:

God bless capitalism. That's why.


Actually it is quite possible that the troops are happy, at least abandoned is one step up from smeared at every step.

And please Ninja R, Fox is almost as left as the rest of them, they just balance it a bit. They are so afraid of continually being portrayed as right that even during the 2004 election, when the other networks were calling some of the states for Bush, they were still saying they were up in the air, even when it was plainly obvious that he won some of them.

Otherwise, you are dead on. I'll wait for Jackson to start blathering about Whites in texas... and just repress the urge to strangle the TV.

Ninja R

I think this might be the first time I've ever disagreed with you. I don't believe the most recent hurricane, Rita, is a story driven by leftists. Why, then, would FNC have 24/7 coverage?

I normally haven't liked the coverage in the past and wished they would move on to something else, but I can't help enjoying the fact that one Fox reporter is broadcasting about a mile from my childhood home (even if I AM subjected to Geraldo's disgusting self promotion)...I've been following the coverage all day watching for any news of Winnie, Texas.

Of course, the rest of the news-watching world shouldn't be subject to my whims.

I can already hear it from the nutjob Leftists: "Texas was well prepared because that's Bush's state," or, even worse, from the racists (Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson): "Texas was well prepared because it's a bunch of white folks there."

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