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May 01, 2007


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Hate crimes... I never understood them. How is it that much worse to kill someone while yelling obscenities as opposed to yelling racial obscenities?


Freedom of Speech. Let people say what they want. At least you would know where some people stand. Agree, disagree, boyctt, march or whatever, but the Law should PROTECT, not RESTRICT, free speech.

Most of the people who wave the banner of "tolerance" want to dictate exactly what everyone else will - or will not - "tolerate".

Give me Liberty...

Bruce Rockwell

(saw the following on the web)


To find out, Yahoo "The Earliest 'Hate' Criminals" while it is still legal in America to read it!


But, hey, the other side of the scale of justice tipped in our favor when the Supreme Court ruled that it was okay for cops to chase criminals in high speed vehicular pursuit.

'Course, it was hardly reassuring that someone could seriously entertain the notion that it was NOT okay to chase criminals.

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