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February 07, 2008


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In many everyday situations there is a win-win compromise that may or may not be obvious. Other times, one side is just plain wrong and so any compromise benefits only the wrong side - and harms the right side.

Suppose a berserk pregnant nun wants to shoot every child in a school. You prefer she not shoot any of them. What is a good "compromise"? Let her shoot half? A third? One? Allow leg shots only? A lower caliber weapon?

Or, how many times should you permit a stranger to forcibly rape your little girl? Say he only asks to do it ten times... is there a compromise figure you'd be comfortable with? Would you really care if he - or anyone else - thinks you are being "fair"?

When conservatives "compromise" core values, that is just the sort of thing that is happening. What the heck are they thnking??

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