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June 30, 2008


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I, for one amongst many, would prefer my "war heroes" to be in the John Wayne "manly man" mold, not in the Alan Alda "wimpy man" mold. Weasel Clark is clearly in the wimpy man mold.

The other main problem with "war heroes" like Weasel Clark or John Kerry is the way they always denigrate their fellow servicemen and fellow countrymen. They fall into the left-wing way of "feeling" (can't call it "thinking" because there's no thought involved, plus to think requires a brain which folks like Clark and Kerry clearly lack) that America is the source of everything that's wrong in the world today, and that line is just so much el toro poo-poo. America is NOT what's wrong with the world today!

When I saw a leftie chick wearing a T-shirt that said "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease" (clearly denigrating President Bush) I said to her "What the world need's is a few more cowboys!" We need people who will step up and stand up to the truly evil leaders in the world (such as the nutjob in Iran)! Appeasement didn't work with Hitler in the 1930s, and it won't work today with radical Islam.

So, basically, what I'm saying is that Clark has the right to say whatever he wants. We then also have the right to rip him for being a jackass.

-- chicopanther


I read your post last night, thought about about it and decided I had to put my 2 cents in. While I agree Clark's comments on McCain were insulting, stupid above all showed why we won't elect Clark to any office, Why is it that the only military service that can be questioned, derided, etc. in this Country is a Democrats'? The fact is this man spent most of his life serving his country and was wounded in combat. But you choose to call him names because he went to Vietnam 3 YEARS TOO LATE? Did you vote for Bush? Who was working on his own 30 year plan instead of serving? Many former servicemen, from ALL branches, some who could be fairly called heroes, have said stupid things. It is unbecoming to stoop to their level.
Why is it bad that Clark lists all his medals? Are you implying he did not deserve them?


What I want to know is how anyone in the armed forces could ever turn into this kind of guy? I wasn't in the marines like you, but even us lowly navy pukes know a jerk when we see one. Weasely Clark is a true lowlife puke.


I'm sorry, I had a typo in my previous post. I should have typed "Weasel" Clark. It's an appropriate name for him.

-- chicopanther


Wesley Clark is a disgrace to anyone who has ever worn a United States military uniform (with the possible exception of that other disgrace John Kerry). Clark should be given a belated dishonorable discharge.

-- chicopanther

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