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July 10, 2008


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I lived in WA for 30 years, and only gained my freedom 11 years ago when I retired and moved to Texas.

God blessed Texas, and Texans keep it that way.


I was going to move to Bellingham from Denver in 2002. I thought, the Padre Islands, great seafood, love Seattle but hate the liberals and traffic there so 90 miles north would be cool, near great snowboarding...

Went up to scout it out, and lasted about 10 days. Frigging rained(sideways) almost the whole 10 days, turns out Boise Cascade has polluted the Bay horribly, half of downtown was boarded up and the other half were the warehouses of BC-very ugly-but the hands down worst was not just liberals and I live near Boulder which is very-very liberal and also went to college near Madison, again also far left.

Bellingham has both beat easily-unbearable-I couldn't go anywhere and relax, getting my oil changed, I'd hear shit, having a beer or two, more garbage, at my lodgings, at the vet, these people were crazy lefties. You could not reason with them or even have a civil discussion, they'd go from 0-60 in 2 seconds on the anger scale.

That part of WA is truly like another country. WTF happened?

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