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November 07, 2008


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Will S - fire@will

Hap - I agree that McCain was a poor choice - but remember that the media chose him for us. Sarah was not ready, but she is no fool. She should not have been thrown into the deep end so soon. And whoever thought during the Couric interview was a smart move needs career counseling.

Just once in my life I'd like to have a Presidential choice between two people so wonderful I just can't decide between them. Enough of this "which one is worser" stuff!

Hap Arnold

In summary, 2 words explain why the Republican Party fumbled this presidential-year election like some rain-soaked football: Bush & Palin. Pres George W. Bush is a poster boy for the Peter Principle. The list of reasons is public record (Iraq, the economy, Katrina, ad infinitum....).

And one has to wonder what alien abduction and chip implant had to occur for Sen McCain to choose the Alaska ding-a-ling as his running mate. Good lord, half my 8th grade civics class knew more about our government and world affairs back in the day than that dunderhead will ever know in her time. I think voters truly questioned Sen McCain's wisdom in a major decision, and surely they should have.

Add it up: the albatross of the "W" presidency hanging around his neck + the Palin debacle = Pres Obama & a substantial Dem majority in Congress.

I am still a registered Republican, but one who must ask, "What were they THINKING?" In many ways....


PS: Now, I know that I'm going to get leatherneckM31's dander up over this post, but he can't set my hair on fire. I don't have any! :))

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