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January 12, 2009


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First, geez oh man people will claim ghpras are flawed if they don't what they say.Two, ghpras are dangerous because people think they're all scientific.Three, science is dangerous because people think it's all truthy.Four, people are dangerous because they basically believe whatever they want.And Five. The truth is that the delineation is probably unhelpful, except insofar as you can draw a line between when it was a bad idea to be expanding gov't expenditure and when it was a good idea to be expanding gov't expenditure. To do that, you'd have to go back a way, probably. When people were competing to buy houses in Baltimore County, it was time to raise the interest rate and tell everyone to go home to their wife and kids and play foosball or something.Once everyone starts firing everybody, that's when deficit spending starts to make sense. Hard to see that on this graph, though. Pretty colors, maybe.Oh, and six. Obama RULLEZZZ. I'll just leave that there.


Mr. Obama is a master of the tools in the old book How to Lie with Statistics . Let me hlhgiihgt a few issues, starting by pointing out that this plot does not represent jobs , but rather the change in jobs (math wonks call this the first derivative ). The correct plot requires a plot of actual jobs; you must add up all of the negative bars on the left. Then you notice that the job gains on the right are negligible.We also must remember that the important issue is POLICY, not PARTY. Following the election of a Democrat Congress in 2006 (off the graph to the left), Bush adopted the Keynesian and corporate socialist policies of the Democrats (as Richard Nixon We are all Keynesians now did, creating the Nixon Carter recession).Keynesians borrow money from the private sector and spend it on politically favored economic activity. The overwhelming body of peer reviewed economic scholarship shows that this loses jobs (tax cuts cause job increases). The first Keynesian stimulus bill was under Bush in early 2008 (jobs dropped). The second is under Obama. Jobs dropped horribly. In short, the policies still being advocated by the Democrats, implemented by a Democrat congress with the complicity of both Republicans and Democrat presidents, have lost nearly 7 million jobs, an average wait of 27 months for reemployment, and a 20% underemployment. Now, the job loss has stopped, for a moment, if we include census employees. Of course, the jobs loss HAD to stop somewhere; everyone can be unemployed. But this is not a vindication of the policies.Admittedly, any Republican who does NOT run on Repeal and Replace will NOT have an effective message against the misgovernment that Democrat policies constitute. They MUST run as Reaganites, recognizing that government is the problem . restoring the rule of law to economic transactions (no more taxpayer money to unions who supported Obama), and lowering the burden of government on people who create jobs.The Democrats could ALSO be successful if they also support such sensible policies. If they do not, they will need to lie with statistics, as in this plot.

Bush was hated because he never went after Osama Bin Laden.

Bush was hated because he lied about WMDs in Iraq and then outted the wife of the man who double checked his facts.

Bush was hated because he put a guy who arranged horse shows in charge of FEMA.

Bush was hated because he tried to pimp Creationism in schools.

Bush was hated because he tried to keep Terri Schiavo from getting her plug pulled.

Keep lying shmuck, maybe someday someone will believe you.

Will S - fire@will

No conservative would agree with everything President Bush says or does, but it was disgraceful how he was treated by the Left and by the MSM (is that redundant?)... and how he was not defended by many in his own party.

Contrast that treatment to the way the President elect (and his often questionable appointments) are being treated.

The best thing our governemnt could do to help the economy is to not "help". Acceptance of all this group-think "green" propaganda is scary, especially combined with the bail out frenzy.


It is funny how there is currently a shift "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" and this is due to new information that the Earth is cooling. So now, it seems that driving my SUV is causing both heating and cooling of the planet at the same time. I am sure Ms. Brown can explain it to everyone as soon as she gets her orders from Al Gore first.

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