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February 25, 2009


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The first year I got into this medical racket was 1997. Was working in a south central Wisconsin hospital ER. I helped a fellow from Canada....guess what he had to have emergency surgery for!?!!??! Hemorrhoids!
Yep thats right. He came from Canada to our tourist area so he could get surgery....that he couldn't get up der.
Wasn't medically necessary. Hm, I would like to see the bureaucrat that made that diagnoses try to sit with that decision!



After four spinal surgeries and a lot of pain, I feel for you!

Worst summer of my life was 2003. Had back surgery, got bit by a mosquito while walking for rehab the very next day, caught West Nile Virus, almost freakin' croaked, puked my guts out, blew out the disc between C5-C6, then had a neck fusion while I had WNV.

Since I was so sick with WNV, I never really recovered on the back deal and have had two more back surgeries. I think the last one worked!

I hope you get your problem solved and don't have to worry about having the low bidder fix you up.

Maybe they can make Hillary the Surgeon General.

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