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June 23, 2009


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that wasn't an official oficfe but he certainly didn't have anything bad to say about the flag or Guevara did he? Kind of like saying hey I'm a good guy and I don't even mind if my supporters like murderous thugs. But I digress-Guess who else was a Cuban sympathizer? That's right class, Lee Harvey Oswald, a marksmen that never met a communist he didn't like.Now, let us put it all together--Che Guevara was Castro's chief persecutor-er I mean prosecutor, he was personally responsible for the killings of thousands of Cubans. If you need to check that for truth ride on down to Miami and start waving a Guevara flag.-JFK was killed by a Cuban sympathizer (Oswald) or maybe that should be plural depending on who you believe and how tight your tin foil is wrapped.-Teddy (speed racer) and Maria Schriver endorse Obama.-Obama could care less about a Cuban Guevara flag flown in his supporter’s oficfe.Does the irony escape Teddy and Maria? I’ll have what he’s drinking…The point here is that the Democrats are very quick to forget history and when someone reminds them they are even quicker to dismiss it. Here's another fact for you-One of the former members of the terrorist group Weather Underground, William Ayers, proclaimed in an interview with the New York Times published on 9/11/01 that he didn't regret setting bombs (A series of bombings that occurred in the 70s and included the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon).Guess who Mr. Ayers supports? That's right, Obama. In fact Mr. Ayers served on The Woods Fund (an anti poverty group) with Obama from 1999 to 2002. Swapping ideas I’d venture.And before any of you say I'm just a white guy railing on a black guy running for President, well I say there is no black guy running for President, Obama is white, at least his mother is but he hasn't said much about that either has he?Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain folks. It’s all about change anyway, the change in your pockets that is.


perez hilton .what a piece of sewer scum!! He'd suck a dick as long as your arm and still have the nerve to call you a short peekcred fucker. If he got bitched slapped(he probably liked it) too bad it wasn't pistol whipped instead. I would like to know, with all the talent that is out there in the world, how & why shit like this gets to be newsworthy?? Now then, maybe if they'd shot him between the eyes that, might be GOOD news. :dancinghappy:


McCain's cmgapian ad "The One" is offensive. The "Christian Right" has mocked Christianity for years, so I don't blame McCain for losing respect for those so called faith based government parasites who have been collecting millions of tax payer dollars. (If Obama is elected I expect that the GOP will suddenly howl when Obama gives tax money to his own group of faith based government parasites.) However, my point is that the ad itself is in very poor taste because it mocks religion. If McCain believes Obama is setting himself up as a religious cult leader then the issue should be soberly presented and discussed with dignity. Cheap shots at religion are - well - cheap shots. "The One" ad looked to me like something an entertainment group such as The Onion, or Saturday Night Live would have produced. The words on the screen, the voice over, and Moses, played by Heston, were unmistakably religious references. "It should be known that in 2008 the world will be blessed" "He can do no wrong" "And the world shall receive His blessings" Who does McCain think he is kidding - this is not mocking Paris Hilton.

pontiff alex

........ and those douchebags in LA-LA Land W-O-N-D-E-R why their state is broke, and BROKEN. The DISCONNECT with R-E-A-L-I-T-Y is galling and appalling. When the food stops showing up in the stores, it be LOCK and LOAD time. There is a song by a 'Punk' band, Lords of the New Church ,circa 1982 and the lyrics to the song 'OPEN YOUR EYES' are quite, and STILL poignant now 27 years on...

pontiff alex

Do what you will BEHIND closed doors 'Ms.Hilton', or EXPECT that if you act like a prima donna fey and 'stick it in peoples faces' you WILL be punched, if not the 'FULL BLOWN BEATDOWN'...and you WILL have deserved it. Just like ANY other asshole that gets in someones face/space. Ask, and you SHALL receive. I'm not homophobic,hardly, keep it PRIVATE, just know I will punch any asshole that INSISTS on invading my space.(as is my RIGHT.)

Dan Patterson

I think a snug bomb-proof shelter, with ample provisions and power generator, will do nicely until this storm passes.

What do you mean "dreaming"? If the militant lefties can have their fantasies, I can have mine.

Dan Patterson,
Arrogant Infidel
Loyal Opposition

Ninja R

Hilton: In a world where men are still men, we like the punch out. If you say something you know will infuriate people, you should expect to get your lights punched out.

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