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August 18, 2009


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Thank you for Remembering my Dad's shipmates in this article. He is Daniel H. Galvin Jr., survivor of the USS Quincy CA39. Due to the article and video our family has been connected with the family of a fallen shipmate, William Moore Stack. The Stack Family has formed a foundation in his name. Dr. Eileen Natuzzi, niece of Billy Stack, left August 22 with other doctors and nurses to provide much needed medical care to the people of the Solomon Islands. Giving the people of the Islands HOPE is HEALING and brings HONOR to all who served on the USS Quincy CA39. May the men KIA August 9, 1942 Rest in Peace and know THEY will NEVER be FORGOTTEN! Thank you

pontiff alex

We owe them our ETERNAL GRATITUDE. 'Remember The Quincy"

Dan Patterson

God bless all who served.
May the departed rest in peace, and may the survivors find solice in the honor of their service.


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