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February 22, 2010


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Deb Kirschbaum

Ahhh the joys of flying stand-by. OK, so my drive through the snow storm was just fine - even though I had to listen to Superman Returns and "are we there yet".

Glad your home safe.

pontiff alex

Sorry about the loss of your father. Just look at the positives of your return trip. You got some exercise, you re-qualified for your 'Extreme Patience and Restraint' badge, got to do some quality people watching, and now have a working knowledge of the bathrooms in that airport's B-Terminal. Don't you feel alot better now. Just stare at that blonde texting..... NOW you feel better.


And thats why I decided to drive to Texas...left friday night got here saturday nite...already spent sunday with my son at a tactical shoot in austin!!!!



What in God's name were you thinking in this day and age to fly "non-rev"? I remember the good old days when I was a member of the Red Carpet Club and had a team of travel agents to book alternate flights in times of trouble, AND I STILL GOT STRANDED ABOUT EVERY FOURTH TRIP.

Today I regularly thank my heavenly father that I no longer have to travel.

And you book yourself as freight?

Hap Arnold

I'm exhausted just from the reading. Pics & commentary were good stuff. Glad you decided to go with the flow; no use swimming upstream against an impossible current. Kids are terrific entertainment wherever they roam...and free of charge for us seniors to watch & enjoy. They're like cats - ya never know what they're gonna do next.


PS: JD would be proud to know that you made the effort for him....and for you.

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