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February 14, 2010


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My condolences to you for your loss. I lost my dad about 19 years ago. Still miss him.
In third grade a teacher asked me who my dad was...couldn't tell the teacher his name...he was dad to me.


Bob Gies

Gary, your tribute brought back a flood of memories. Uncle J was many things to me. Mostly he had a calming effect on the young hellyun I was as a young teen. I deserved a swift kick in the ass, instead he taught me respect; for guns, for the great outdoors, for the lives of the animals we took and those we watched in awe of. I couldn't believe the HS graduation gift Aunt Carol and Uncle J gave me: a Parker-Hale 30.06 with a swede leather case of which I have hunted with and still cherish. He taught me the importance of being a man of my word; of always being ready to lend a hand and the value of hard work. And through that J pointed me back to my mom and dad. He cemented the mechanic in me taught to me by my Dad, all of which I'm grateful for. I could go on and on, but will save the memories for the Gies reunion coming up. BTW, the beads of weld in the pictures were stick welds (very difficult). I don't know that Uncle J ever used a Mig welder (wire feed) which is quite easy to use. Point being IT WAS an art form.
Understand he was a "rank-and-file" Mason and knew the difference between right and wrong, expressed love of country and the unalienable rights expressed in the first 10 amendments to the constitution. I know and understand so much more now of what and who my Uncle J was and he will live on in me until I breathe my last.

Bruce Watson, Jr.

Your unexpected loss warrents my prayers. One more on my list of folks I'm sorry I never got to meet. After reading what you wrote about him, he's pretty far up that list. . .

Toni Alexander Rooks

A very fitting tribute to a wonderful man. Someone I was privileged to call "Uncle J.D."
Toni Alexander Rooks

Hap Arnold

"The acorn does not fall far from the tree."

My condolences to you, my lifelong friend. The tribute was fitting and eloquent.



My condolences also

Brad Cross

I never heard my dad say my name, it was always "son". Sorry for your loss. The older I got the more I realized what a loving, caring and inteligent man he was. We were lucky to have a honorable, fair, hard working dads. I know your dad was special to you and our thoughts will cross paths on fathers day.


My favorite JD story is the one where you arrogantly refused to finish your dinner one evening and Dad acknowledged your right to eat when you wanted to and calmly dismissed you from the table -- and how you found that same plate presented to you at breakfast the next morning.

My condolences for your loss, but my heartiest congratulations for your lifetime of gain.

Dan Patterson

Ah hell. I am sorry for the loss of your dad; there is not much anyone can really do to help except let you know that many of us understand.

From what you've written JD was a good guy, he did the best he could, and by God it would have been my pleasure to have known him.

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