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March 28, 2010


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Wrong hapster, what you morns on the left don't get is that what we care about are your conservative beliefs and how well you articulate them-it just so happens that Sarah speaks my kind of talk, kinda like W walked my kinda walk-now if Pelosi or Boxer(you can call me Senator!) turns your crank, hey far be it from me to criticize your heros-but I will tear their beliefs to pieces.

BTW, love the way you spit out the Herr Olbermann talking points-congrats, you're as smart as my parrot


73 year old's seven year old daughter???? OMG something is dreadfully wrong with that comment. Shiver!

On a different note, my local tea party group rented a bus to go to Searchlight. $60 would have got me a seat on the bus if I wasn't working. Next time for sure, sign me up! Can't wait to hear the "war stories" and see the pics when they return.

Hap Arnold

If Sarah Palin looked like Maggie Thatcher, not 10 people would show up. Instead of "all hat and no cattle," she's more "all smile and no brain." The female Mad Hatter of the Tea Party....

The Hapster

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