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April 01, 2010


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Bruce Watson

John Calvin once said that “When God wants to judge a nation, he gives them wicked rulers”. Has any sentiment in recent days been more succinct than that? John Calvin’s thoughts and studies gave us Calvinism, the basis for much of today’s Bible-at-heart, true-to-life doctrine and theology. This is good to me, and makes his being French pardonable!

My knowing this and my adherence to it may come as a surprise to you and some of your readers as some of the words I have used in earlier comments/talkback have been vulgar and out of character for me, the deeply devoted born-again Christian that I am. I am more than familiar with verses from the Bible like Ephesians 4:29 that tell us that “no unwholesome word” should come out of your mouth, and James 3:10 which states that “Blessing and cursing should not come from the same mouth”. In every day speech such words are never formed or uttered from me.

Unless I’m thinking of our president.

Am I weak? Yes, and while a Christian, I’m still a human with a free will.

This is where the rub begins. On a human level, I cannot even begin to imagine what ol’ Barry must be thinking to do the things he does. As a Christian, even more so. I have a multitude of reasons to say this but I’ll dwell on just one for now as we approach Easter, or what is increasingly called “Resurrection Sunday” in evangelical circles. It’s a simple thought, really. Our president has aligned himself, bowed before and fallen over himself to please the leaders of just about every Muslim nation on the planet while excusing himself rudely to our former allies. From a political standpoint this is ridiculous, but allow me this thought: Does the Muslim world go on “High Alert” during Easter? Contrast this to how our country and those of our former allies do during Ramadan, etc. Are there lines out the door of the airport to get through security at any airport in the Middle East during Christmas? Our two biggest “holidays” in the Christian world don’t register on their radar! Kinda tells you something doesn’t it. . . And our president is looking the other way.

I’m baffled by this. Have been for quite some time, even during George Bush’s Presidency, but I seem to recall that in those days we not only did not bow, but we also had fewer Rules of Engagement, more action and less talk.

No wonder I can’t think of a kinder word to describe out president.

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