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August 13, 2010


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I am sorry but Fort Morgan is run by White People who do not want to change anything. It is sad and unfortunate. Everybody is leaving Fort Morgan for Denver because there is actually things to do there. Fort Morgan is just a place where the young are pregnant, now even most of the white girls are pregnant. So it is sad.


Glad I found your blog...we think alike. I'm a native Texan and still live here; what took you so long to get here?


Thanks for the reminder... it was such a whirlwind trip I didnt even get to do have what I wanted in The Fort...

hope to get to the Buffalo Rose next time.

Hap Arnold

If that be Nick in the photo, I like his haircut.

Hap Arnold
V.P. - Society for the Follicly Challenged


Next time you're going to be in Denver or hell, need a place hold up for a while here, I'm in Golden, got lots of room, 2 GSD that love people, will cook you some kick ass green chile and it would be my pleasure to meet-anytime GA, let me know.


The slums are expanding and crime is increasing all because we do not care or will not do anything about illegal immigration. And you know one day, everyone will ask, "How did this happen?" No one wants to do anything because they will be called "intolerant" or "racist". Those of us that are trying to warn others are outnumbered 100 to 1. In 20-30 years, there will be a serious war all throughout Europe. If we do not fix the problem now, it will only get tougher to fix it later. Whatever pain there is to fix it now will be increased 100 fold if we wait.

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