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November 14, 2010


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Max Well

Re: Dennis Miller's Pelosi description....that there was some funny shit, I don't care who ya are.

On a Phoenix-to-Bakersfield round trip via SW Airlines earlier this year, I was pulled out of the check-in line @ Sky Hawbuh Int'l Airport and given the "wand treatment," apparently because I was wearing a ball cap, hadn't shaved for about 5-6 days and wasn't smiling wide enough. My carry-on bag and it's family size tooooob of Colgate went through the scanning process with nary a sideways glance. During the return boarding process @ Bakersfield's not-international Meadows Field, my body skated through TSA unscathed, while the toothpaste "bomb" was confiscated by the utterly board TSA dude. I asked if that's how they kept their toiletries supplied @ home. Apparently that wasn't funny to Mr. TSAttitude.


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