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December 02, 2010


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all women stalk

This is a good post starting from the write ups and the details. I have to say that you are indeed right in pointing out that men sometimes need to be alone. This is a manifestation that they wanted to be alone to think and relax after a long tiring day. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

Hap Arnold

Name suggestion: BOARS' NEST


PS: Don looks pretty much like a Cal Trans supervisor out here in Cali.

Tim Montel

GA, your writing skills stand out once again. You are still just as good doing humor as the serious stuff. Have you told the gang about the "Matchstick Ranch"? How about calling the new digs the "sen~or center" or "DP's Dogs-n-Suds"? Keep up the good work. Timbo


I love the blog. Thanks for posting.

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