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December 21, 2010


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pontiff alex

Great post Gary. Until priorities are re-established in the "educational" system, and electro-addicts realize that the cell phone and IPAD are tools, not a way of life, we are going to accelerate into mediocrity at a pace that at some point we'll be totally unable to reverse.

Hap Arnold

Yep, I was a center. My age passed my football jersey # some 12 years ago. Given that, I'm glad to be around to bitch. Too many friends and my only sibling are not. I wish they were; I'd like Christmas a lot more.

Anyway, America is far from perfect in ways large & small. But it's a good many laps ahead of second place. My wager is that the lead will be maintained even as we of the chronologically-impaired set take mostly to chasin' kids off our lawns.


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