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January 05, 2011


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On my trips I've stayed at the Nile Hilton (right next to the Museum of Antiquities) and the Cairo Marriott in Gezira,near Cairo Tower. Both were fine with the edge in cofmort going to the Marriott. Both have several restaurants in the hotels with a variety of cuisines. Tours to the pyramids can be booked at the hotels, or you can walk outside and hire a taxi driver for the day and he'll take you wherever you want to go.


1) There aren't any DJ dance clubs like the ones here in America. It's just something they don't do and you'll see that there. Belly dainncg is very popular there, so you'll find many parties/events that have that kind of dainncg.2) Yes, the streets are safe, you won't get mugged or beaten up. Based on what your dressed in the people might look at you weird, but it's not a big deal. As long as your wife isn't showing too much skin then your going to be fine.3) I'm actually not sure about the hotels there, but overall the hotels are super cheap. Especially for us Americans because everything we pay is divided by 5.5. Cheaper for us and expensive for them. Just make sure they are good hotels though.4) Renting car's over there is very difficult. You might not have that chance. Most of the time, visitors just take the taxi's because the driving there is SO crazy. When you go there, you'll probably change your mind about driving. I was there last summer and I stayed for a month and a half and I was in 3 car accidents (I never drove there .) So yes driving there is really stressful. I hope this kinda helped, but overall I hope you and your wife have a wonderful time!

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