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March 06, 2011


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Ninja R

Something pretty similar happened with our platoon, too, on Family Night -- back then, it was the evening before we graduated.

I'd describe it, but I think you already know.



Sometimes in the wee hours of the night halfway between awake and asleep, the time when those who have been there understand, I still faintly hear from somewhere; PLATOON 3089 ON THE ROAD and can then find sleep. Go figure.

Grady Stone

Hey Leatherneck, I was a member of Platoon 234 at MCRD in the summer of '59. We also were the Honor Platoon of our series. I remember that our platoon scored the highest individual scores and had the highest qualification percentage of the whole series at the rifle range. This was the first time in many years that 2nd Battalion outshot the 3rd. Our DI’s were ecstatic and they even told us so which was unusual for a Marine DI as you know. And I remember the drilling where the DI could just get us stated with a command of “forward march” and then let us keep the cadence to the sound of our boot heels striking the grinder. I always wondered how the DI’s could take a herd of cattle that did not know their left from their right, work with them for 12 weeks to machine them into a coordinated team of squared away Marines and then start all over again with a new herd. I was stationed across the grinder after ITR for 8 weeks of schooling to become a field radio operator. A fellow platoon member and I went across the grinder to visit our former DI’s who were training a platoon of boots all from North Texas. They told us that when we were in training that when our platoon screwed up it was on an individual basis but the Texas boots would screw up as a whole herd. Being both of us was from Texas we wished our fellow Texan’s could have made a better impression. Thanks for the memories Leatherneck
Gstone USMC '59 - '65


Just last night I told my kids of the path of 70+ stumbling recruits who after 3 months of training marched as one step across the parade deck. The sound of one boot as you describe it fills me with pride to know that I earned the title. Cpl. 84-88/2651

Hap Arnold

Better said than perhaps I've ever read.


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