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Kerry Proffitt

Maybe as a result of Gainesville's Medal of Honor Host City Program, Mr. McNerney and other recipients will be remembered for one more generation!

George F. Brinton III(draftee) B 2/8th, 1st Air cavalry, 9APR'69-27MAY'70

Something totally left out of David's Bio is the fact that he went back to RVN in 1969 as the First Sgt of Bravo 2/8th, 1st Air Cavalry. I was priviledged to have served with him during this time. While Dave's tactics were sometimes questionable, they always worked out(I remember an on-line assault that freaked out the GIs but scared the NVA so bad, they ran.) I, also, seem remember David humping a flame thrower. David was the defacto Company Commander because we had a new "ringknocker" who had no experience and less brains who was going to teach us how to fight NVA per the West Point field manual. You know who you are "Deadly Dave" the only CO who got more GIs killed than NVAs. Thank God we had First Sgt David McNearny to get us thru this period. Sgt Geo. Brinton

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