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1 The View from the back never changes

1 The View from the back never changes

East Texas

My view for The Long Ride...

... but I had the ice chest, the headphones, the DVDs, books and a ready supply of Boston Baked Beans and iced tea.

Fourteen state, 3,502 miles, decent rooms and terrible food; Worst Place for a meal goes to the Vicksburg Horizon Casino Hotel where Mike won $200 and Don, no doubt confusing the dealer and pit boss with his hat and accent, walked away with $1,800-- he told Lynette it was $800.

I don't gamble.

Due to TypePad's web tools, uploading and publishing photos in order, or in groups is unnecessarily difficult and and or impossible. (Any good blog host provider suggestion appreciated). Thus, any mistakes herein are not my fault... any of them.

This albumn includes photos of many other places and history betwseen here and Gettysburg... lots of jumping around.

Self criticism: As much as I was prepared for Gettysburg over our three days, I was unprepared. Didn't get many photos of the most significant historical monuments and significant... understandable considering there are 914 separate monuments, markers, or commemorative stones;428 flank markers brings the total to 1342.

Sixty-three Medals of Honor were awarded during the three days in which the Union was in doubt.

We essentially followed the line and flow of battle and walked the greatest points of contention.

I've tried to provide an impression of Gettysburg as a battle ground.

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