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February 26, 2004


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If you're interested, I'm discussing this on a forum here:

Yes, the domain name is kinda dumb, but they're largely supportive of my site and there's actually some decent opinions tossed out when they're not talking about wrestling.

SSgt Max

H-wood types are just ticked that someone has sufficient directorial skill, money & marketing genius to ignore them.

As we've pointed out ad nauseum over the years:

1) There is no constitutional right not to be

2) It's a MOVIE, fer crissakes (pun intended)...

BTW, I'm going to see the flic in a few hours. If I seize up & croak during the crucifixation scene, it will be because I'm an old, woefully out of shape fat guy - NOT because I was horrified to death! Don't let Drudge headline me....


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