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August 18, 2005


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Another curious thing regarding Cindy... she is now referring to people who kill American soldiers as freedom fighters. If she truly believes that then why is she sad over her son's death, wasn't he justly killed by a freedom fighter?


Well said. From what I have heard from you about your mother, I do believe she would be saying just that.

At least for now Cindy appears to be giving up her agenda to care for her ailing mother. In reflection, maybe she will see that she was being used. Or not.

Shoot, what do do with all those "Support Cindy" peace marches planned in Boulder this weekend by Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice. Where is Howard Zinn when you need him?


Her son's corpse is nothing but a doormat to her that she can use to spread her politics. She is a worse traitor than Jane Fonda for not only is she betraying her nation, she is betraying the memory of her own flesh and blood. Despicable on every level.

May her son rest in peace anyway and may has sacrifice be remembered with the fondness that it deserves, despite the way his memory is used now.

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