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August 27, 2005


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Looks like a sand painting of the Rolling Stones' tongue logo. What? Looking over the edge isn't good enough? Ya gotta walk out on Geronimo's diving board?

I can't wait until they put in the zip line "Slide of Death" ride and complete the trillion dollar project to light the canyon at night. Those purple and green accent spotlights are sure to draw people from all over.


I appreciate your ardor for natural beauty. But this is a small cantilever over an enormous canyon. There are many things about this to say but I don’t think its going ugly up the joint.

P.S. Thanks for protecting my freedom.


Ah, so that is what it will be. For some reason I thought that the nearby structures would be a casino, since I could see a casino having something so garrish.

Despite the way it looks, I am sure that the view from it would be spectacular. A bit too much so for me and my fear of heights, however.


Eh? More info, please...

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