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February 26, 2006


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At the end, these women are sweet normal ladies.

Mikey C

Look like royal signals badges on their barrettes to "CERTA CITO" swift and sure, mercury aka good old "Jimmy"but a staged pic?
I would thing so.


hey, just landed on this site while lookin at metal storm,and i can tell u the girls hav british 95 uniform and r holdin L98a1 rifles This is a cdt version of the british army's L85 and u can tell by the different cocking handle. My guess is these r army cadets because their berets r not air or sea cadets' and the one on the left is even wearin old olive green coloured shirts which r rarely used in combats, although on tht i may b wrong

doc Russia

Definitely british by the camoflauge pattern


I own stock in Metalstorm.


is it just me or does the chick on the right look high, you know the dark green marine?


Those weapons are the British IW-80. The bullpup design is fed to the left of the gal's(on the right) hand.

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