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July 15, 2006


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The Israelis are behaving no better than members of the German army that ploughed through Eastern Europe in the 1940's. For every German/Israeli soldier killed, the Germans/Israelis kill 100 of the it man, woman, or child. Remember...the persecuted become the persecutors. The Israelis are out for revenge, and they have the world's largest "guilt bank account." Meaning...anyone who remotely criticizes Israeli army behaviour, called anti-Semitic. The Israeli army has learned well the lessons of the Irgun and the Stern Gang....thugs who called themselves "freedom fighters." One only has to read "The Jewish Mind" by Raphael Patai to realize the "sense of superiority" the Jews in Israel feel and think. They are ABOVE THE LAW, ANY LAW, and kill for fun, a "sense of righteousness" and "getting back." Shooting Palestinian children at point blank range is hardly "fighting for democracy." It is simply the Jewish way of trying to "kill all the Arabs,"....."one way or another."


OMG--numbskulls like you still exist? Oh that's right...this post was from 06. Back when folks like you claimed G. Bush wasn't retarded lol

Dan Patterson

The academic discussion of when and how the struggle for independence and liberty began, and of it's many incarnations, the philosphy of one form or other of freedom, and arguments over versions of perfection are for now as quaint as the Victrola. Those impassioned words are fine for the classroom, or in one's den among friends after dessert. They should not ever be dismissed for they are important in the broad scheme of freeing the enslaved and liberating from tyranny.

But for now the friends of liberty must turn our attention to the war being waged for the destruction of Israel, and for the destruction of any form of freedom there or in our back yards. That same struggle will be waged on Main Street when the enemy is able to cause it. The war is not one of disagreements over boundries, exactly, but one of the eradication of any but 'those who are like us'. That means me and you, brother.

Whether you were born in Egypt or Cairo Illinois if you are not 'like us' you are the enemy and you are to die. Simple isn't it? Doesn't require an academic degree nor the approval of a higher commitee. No meetings of a council of the fill-in-the-blank and no waiting for the word to go over the top. No, all that has been forgone to allow a cultural hate to simmer for generations, stoked by venomous jealousy of those who once were in a faraway place or in a filthy ghetto but whom are now thriving and happy right next door.

The Jews have been targeted for thousands of years and are now the convenient outlet for the hate of freedom. If not now it would have come later. For them, liberty cannot be allowed, and Jews must be eliminated because they are Jews. Senseless but accurate. Also accurate is that it is suicide to allow the continued agression toward freedom.

We are at the brink of war and it is a war unlike any we have seen and it is one that will not be understood by most of us, including it's direct victims. Without a politically unpopular decision this war will be lost to those who want you and me dead. The decision is soon to be made, I'm afraid, barring a miracle that I am praying for. When and if it comes those who support freedom and liberty must understand that the tactics of appeasment failed and failed badly.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

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