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July 25, 2006


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Paul Boughton

I just can't believe this shit. I was young for Viet Nam ( 17 in 73) and now I'm to old for this one. Had a scooter wreck in 74 so have been 4F since.

I really want to practice targeting some head scarves.


Michael Mattei

You can add the Aussies to that mix, IMO.

And if the Brits don't do something about the home grown hate festering right in front of their eyes, you can put them in the same column as France


Awww. Isn't she a pretty little killer? I wish she would go give Nasrallah a big hug.

Golda was right this crap won't end until these jokers' "love thier children more than they hate Jews."


I've read your blog for a long time, silently and without comment. What you say here is as profound and accurate as anything I've read anywhere about the state of the world today. I can only hope that the three young sons I've watched grow into men are not alone in understanding this. I wish I were under the age of 42.

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