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October 27, 2006


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I know your last commenter, Linda, she's a great freind to me and I know she's in a unique position since her dh is a band commander and they have a different protocal you could say. Where I live (where Linda used to live) is a very unique post. It's small and not being freinds with someone because of their husband's rank, doesn't happen much here! I have to say going through deployments, I've found the best support from my co-Army wives than family. When it comes to family and non-military freinds, they're great at saying "I'll/we'll support you" but the reality is, they just don't get it and can't...other spouses do and can support you in such a better way. IME!


I can’t agree with your sale to Pakistan and as such I tender my reotgnaiisn then go to the media and tell your story he comes out putting honor before pocketbook.Yeah, right, jackass. Question the honor of a Medal of Honor winner, while going off half-cocked and quarter-brained yourself.In the suit, Sgt. Meyer said that after he voiced his criticism, Mr. McCreight began berating and belittling him. The supervisor criticized Sgt. Meyer for making a trip with their BAE division president and made sarcastic remarks about Sgt. Meyer's nomination for the Medal of Honor, allegedly ridiculing his pending star status, the suit says.At the end of May, Sgt. Meyer's complaint said, he resigned from BAE over the proposed sale to Pakistan and attempted to get his old job back at Ausgar. In the suit, Sgt. Meyer said he was told that that company wanted to hire him back as did the Defense Department program officer who approves hiring for the optics program.About the same time, Mr. McCreight contacted a Defense Department program manager and said that Sgt. Meyer was mentally unstable and had a problem related to drinking in a social setting, the lawsuit alleges.I hope he wins, big time.Fucking Brit assholes.


It seems that American Army Colonel found the right battles site using good old Yankee ingenuity.
I guess the college Professor thought all the tecnological machines would lead him to it. I holidayed 3 days there after the ceremony (missed because of work) and do not see how the Professor could be all so wrong. The American Colonel location and trail explaines it beautifully.It matches the writings on this fight perfect. Five of my countrymen who I did not know, were there at the present time as myself, and all as well agreed. The townscitizens thinks the other team (professor) did not search well because they were cold and wet. Much worrying about weather and little about searching. Please visit this battle place if you can. It is a sad and silent place in the forest. Many years later you can tell men suffered here. God bless all who met their end here.

marshall f richards many questions. why is sgt. b. early of new haven (actually Hamden) ct. not mentioned more. why did it take nine years for sgt. early to be awarded a medal? i have heard many conflicting accounts on the "after battle reports"....or lack there of regarding this matter. please, i am not writing to take anything away from sgt york...but history can be changed--or--corrected. it is the right thing to do. sgt early is someone i want to know more about. i think he has earned that right.
...and God Speed,


Hello, I just wanted to make a comment that the first group did not find any .45 caliber shells. What they found was only 30.06 rifle casing US fire and unfired, some German machine gun rounds and some French light machine gun rounds. This was not proof of the York Spot because of the lack of the .45s and other important evidence which supports the story.



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