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February 01, 2007


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Thanks alot, Simon. Much appreciated. I hope to set up a blog roll toghnit, and RDF feeds. Two big ones.I am trying to convince M. Simon to join with me, as my goal is a united drug reform community. I even offered him his own page, linked to from the front, which he can do whatever he wants with (as long as he leaves the right sidebar alone, which links the rest of the site), and his own subdomain (better than, no?)It would be nice to have a real conservative voice at my site.But, in the end, it's up to him. There are personal issues to consider.I am just posting this here in case anyone has any objections or is highly in favor, they can let him know.Take care, and thanks again. Hope to hear from everyone over there!


Welll she's declawed, and the ciielngs are twelve feet high here, so that would be some feat. But actually she didn't seem to notice anything, though I wasn't here to witness her reaction. Whatever she felt, she had already forgotten about it by the time I got home.

Ninja R

I would have to say I don't think the NVA/VC thought the war was over when Saigon was overtaken.

Of course, we can get super technical about it and claim since no official declaration was made by Congress, but that's delving into semantics.

I also sported the Warn Terr medal, an open-ended award, and one in which mere membership rates the award. I suppose maybe it should be changed to A Police Action Against Terror medal, though, if we're choosing semantical arguments.


The Viet Nam war pretty much ended when the North took Saigon (you can argue about when the U.S. bailed on it, well before that). The Iraq war ended when we took Baghdad and the prior dictatorship took up residence in various holes. There is now a lively disagreement between various terrorist organizations and regimes trying to gain (or regain) control, in spite of the odds and with no interest whatsoever in either the best interests or the will of the people of Iraq. More accurate to call it a (yuck) Police Action or a Peacekeeping mission. No decent person wants Americans to die there - but a lot of us honestly feel that the risks beat the alternatives. The war is on Islamic terror; the main battle (for now) happens to be in Iraq.
BTW - I earned one of those open dated ribbons. God Bless us one and all, my friend.

Ninja R

Stating the actual war was over with a long time ago is sort of like saying the Vietnam War was over with long before its actual end.


Yes. This is a great country. But, no thanks to Algore et al.

BTW - why do we let the Left make up the labels? Why is there even a debate about a "war" in Iraq? The actaul war ended a long time ago. This is us generously and courageously assisting a duly elected government against those various bullies and thugs (see Iran, al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, etc) who would overthrow it by force... while protecting our own vital national interests.

Most of the people supporting the recent "anti-war" protests are fools or liars... most are not anti-war... simply anti-America and anti-Democracy... playing the press like a mouth organ.

(rant ends)

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