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July 26, 2007


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Susan Keating

Just saw the post from Shelby Stanton. I am the journalist who wrote the Stanton expose referenced in Burkett's book. Stanton accused me of libel, also - even sued the Washington Times, where I was working when I published "Solder of Fiction." Stanton withdrew his suit when it emerged that everything I wrote was fully documented.
~Susan Katz Keating

Shelby Stanton

I am Shelby Stanton. You are publishing incorrect information based on a libelous and undocumented source. Please take note of the correct facts of this matter.

First, I served in Vietnam. The FBI investigation, which was given to Burkett illegally and which he himself cites in his references, makes full recognition of this fact. Thus, he was fully aware of the actual facts of my Vietnam service when he decided to print falsehoods because of the prospects for monetary profit and fame stemming from personal destruction of a fellow Vietnam veteran. You should be able to obtain both the FBI report and my DD-214, just as Burkett did. Perhaps he would provide you with his copy?

Secondly, I never claimed serving two tours in Vietnam. Burkett put this quote in his book without any evidentiary footnote to support it. Since I've never talked to Burkett, and he never interviewed me for his libelous tirade, I don't know how he invented this complete falsehood. Again, you should ask him for clear proof of my statement to this effect.

I realize that you are writing to benefit honorable war veterans, like myself, who served their country valiantly in wartime. However, perhaps you are enough of man (hopefully) to print this correction and do justice for soldiers who've made a significant contribution both in wartime service and toward preserving our national military legacy.

I trust you are a fair-minded individual who would never deliberately steal the honor of real veterans, once made aware of a mistake from a libelous source.

Shelby L. Stanton
Captain, United States Army, Retired
B.S., M.Ed., J.D.

Big White Hat

The big question to me is, "Why?" There aint a damn spec of shame in serving without being called to battle. Being willing to fight has honor in itself. Why would somebody discard that honor by lying?

It just goes to show you, it is easier to stay out of trouble than get out of it. There aint nothing these fellas can do to get their honor back. I guess it wasn't important to them.

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