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August 17, 2008


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Could Rafa possibly have asked for a beettr year? He must be on cloud nine! Loved the match, got to see the full ceremony online - just so happy for him. He should be incredibly proud of the phenomenal year he has had. Just unreal! GO RAFA! WE LOVE YOU!!


In fairness for all we know, Mark may have chosen not to be more involved - possibly because he didn't want to be yet another distraction to Michael.

Senator McCain won that exchange BIG time. Obama really looked bad (in a vague, smarmy, snobbish John Kerry sort of way). It will be interesting to see how well the DNC is able to avoid Barrack speaking without script and prompter from now on.

The "below pay grade" comment was incredibly stupid. What WAS he thinking?

Ninja R

McCain's "OH DAMN" moment of the night was when he talked about which SCOTUS judges he wouldn't have appointed. "No offense intended" means nothing. I sat there laughing, "OH DAMN!"

J didn't care much.

What Obama doesn't understand about abortion is that being pro-choice *is* being pro-abortion. No one says things like, "I'm not pro-slavery, but I believe in a person's right to own slaves." It's the same principle.

Obama is pro-abortion for one of two reasons: He thinks babies are a punishment (as he has said about them before), or it is the stance of his party, and he will lose his stature for being against it.

The former is more abominable than the latter, but both prove a clear lack of basic moral foundation.

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