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September 23, 2008


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Damn... you got me.

Cindy is indeed a "cyber-girlfriend" who exists through a combination of my imagination and a photo that comes with the picture frames at WalMart.

I even made her a nurse if you get my drift.
Brandi-- more pix to come.

Will S

Normally, Gary, I, of course, take everything you say as pure, unadulterated truth - because I know that a fellow former marine would never lie. But I realy have to wonder if you aren't trying to pull a fast one when you photoshop a model into your photos and try to pass her off as your own girlfriend.

What's next? Will you be tell us that the smartest kids go to UVA and lean toward Obama!?

Semper Fi (and congratulations - seriously)


Wow - looks like you all had a GREAT time - talked to mom but she was tired after the trip - I'm sure I can get more out of her when I talk to her next. Thank you and send more pictures.

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