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September 11, 2008


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History Channel had a movie (?),video that was pieced together from common ordinary citizens; of that days events. They had a clock running that showed the time line of the whole mess.
I forced myself to watch the whole thing. First time I had actually done that since that awful day 7 years ago. I thought I remembered things happening so much quicker back then. I didn't realize that it was a full 30-34 minutes between collapses. The whole event seemed to drag on and on....
The video had audio of some of the 911 dispatchers telling people to hunker down and wait for the fire department. Now we know if only they had just implored those victims to flee right away...
My thoughts or feelings about those events....a visceral wrenching hatred of all things facist....especially that religion.
Politically correct? Don't give a damn.
Proud of my country and the real reasons that it is here on earth? DAMN RIGHT!!!


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