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September 29, 2008


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Hap Arnold

Trillion $$$$ war, 700 billion $$$$ bailout (if & when it DOES pass)....jeezus bleepin' gawwwd almighty, a bazillion $$$$ just doesn't buy what it used to. Asia will now own us much sooner than anticipated. And we Boomers will be tryin' to figure out how to spend the IOUs left by Uncle Sugar in the Soc Sec fund.

Frankly, that CERN super-conducting super collider thingy & string theory are easier to understand than this mess.


Will S

I don't pretend to understand even a small portion of the factors involved here but my gut tells me you are probably pretty darn accurate in your assessment.

1 - it concerns me that the same Washington folks who created and/or allowed this mess are the ones trusted to find a quick fix out of it.

2 - that fact that it is such a rush job (the sky is falling!) makes me wonder if it isn't a big con - like a community organizer in a checkered suit wanting me to sign a contract for a vacuum cleaner without reading the fine print first. Only this may end up being one heck of an explensive vacuum cleaner.

3 - the same guys who cried about the loss of freedom due to the war on terror are the ones who now want us to hand over a whole heck of a lot more to the governement now.

4 - What was it President Reagan said about the scariest words ever heard being "I'm from the governemnt and I'm here to help"?

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