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September 26, 2008


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Will S

Whatever economic problems - real and imagined - we have, I am absolutely certain that the Driveby Media will make the most/least of them until November - with the intention of scaring (ignorant) people into voting for Obama (and more Big Brother). Look at all the cheap political bull-mud the DNC is hurling at McCain right now over one bailout meeting?

There ARE real problems, but the Media/DNC see this more as just another political opportunity - rather than any real responsibility.

It isn't as bad as they want you to think it is. (Ironic - when you think how they accuse us of overstating the Islamic terrorist threat so we can reduce personal freedoms!)


Hate to agree but riots are a distinct possibility. And you know what I say? I am heavily armed, have stockpiles of ammo and canned goods and if any of that shit spills into Golden, there will be blood-and it won't be mine.

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