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May 13, 2009


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I don't know about you but I plan on taking my SS ASAP. Cause baby, you can be sure that benefits will be reduced or at the very least there will be some sort of curtailment.

I get such a kick telling young people that Bush tried to revamp the SS system to give us VESTED accounts that we control. Vested? dude, what's that? Instead, if anything, I get the claptrap about the billions in fees Wall Street would collect-and when I tell them I'll be dining out on their 20%!! SS tax and I'm very healthy and will be collecting it(God willing of course) for 25 years-with COLAs!! you can see the wheels turning. Love it

Then throw in the tax rate increases almost certainly coming, the higher energy costs because of no domestic increase in production, no nuclear AND Cap & Trade, a huge inflation monster that will strike when the Fed starts to monetize all this fairy dust money they've been buying(that should start early next year) which of course will raise interest rates.

And we're moving to rationed health care with more taxes to pay for less service, they've already targeted soda!, yeah, yeah that's the ticket, a sodee pop tax to pay for health care-sounds like any liberal will buy that.

Would you want to be 20 now? Here? Not me. When you've got Putin. PUTIN!!! telling Obama that his plans haven't worked in the past and we get the big yawn from Katie, and no one is knuckling this moron upside his head, instead far from it as he is heralded, it's Trouble.

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