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June 21, 2009


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I have seen an improvement in speed but, only smemtieos. I have noticed that when I have a lot of tabs open(say 10 or so) then, my computer slows down dramatically. Not sure why. Wouldn't mind some insight.


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Ninja R

Seems like the heatstroke's going around some, huh? Didn't learn my lessons in Japan and California and had my own bout with it Friday afternoon...except I'd been lost in the woods geocaching for two hours.

Don't ask how one gets lost with a GPS and a lensatic compass. Thick forest, missed the trail. Can't believe I made it back to the house OK. Was dreading mosquitoes and the coming night and kept wondering, "OK, at what point do I call 911 and tell them my coordinates? 30 minutes from now? How much of a pain in the ass is it going to take to get to me?"

I haven't had such blissful feelings down to my core as I did when I found the trail I'd overshot by about a mile.

pontiff alex

Love the shots of the planes, and the Dad and Daughter. Nothing like heat stroke delirium. At least you're OK. Halzone Tabs anyone?


I spent about 3 weeks at Wright Patterson AFB tdy for an Acquisition Class 5 + years ago.......boring..........the class and the base. The highlight of the trip was a side trip to Kentucky to check out Jim Beam's place.........and that was on a Sunday when everything was closed. LMAO. Glad you are ok GA. R/Di

Hap Arnold

Beautiful, I'm fightin' a lump in the throat just READING about her from over a thousand miles away. Makes me want to hug 3-yr old Gracie just a little closer & tighter, knowing how blessed we've been with her perfect health....and her laugh/smile.

As for Overheated Man, came close to doing a similar nosedive playin' golf about 35 years ago. Official temp around 107 and much higher somewhere on the humid (for Bakersfield, CA) 15th hole, down in a windless gully area. Though far younger than my nearly 61 years of today, I had to sit in the shade to avoid collapsing in the sun. Heat stroke/exhaustion are sneaky @ any age and nothing to mess with.



Yay for the tough as nails women but I didn't know they made em so young.


FYI, people who eat breakfast universally believe it to be the most important meal of the day. Sometimes I think the primary REASON they eat breakfast is to go around blabbering that it IS the most important meal of the day.

I particularly love how they often re-emphasize the point on the following day, just in case you were under the misconception that the benefits of breakfast were somehow limited to yesterday.

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