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June 26, 2009


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Dan Patterson

Good for you for noting Ed McMahon's service. The famous are often famous for nothing, and those that make selfless sacrifices are often overlooked. Human nature, I suppose, but it is an honorable thing to take notice of important acts by normal people.


Did you know that Michael Jackson was so full of plastic that they decided to melt him down and turn him into Legos? They wanted little kids to have a chance to play with him for a change.


Farrah Fawcett we to heaven and as she approached the pearly gates, St. Peter drew her aside and said, "You've led such an exemplary life, God has decided to grant you one last wish."

Farrah pondered this for a couple of minutes and said, "What I want the most is to see all the children of the world safe and happy."

Moments later, Michael Jackson dropped dead.


I like your take on MJ's "revisions". I never thought of it as a way to divest himself of his heritage. I have always wondered about his obsession with the knife; now I have an answer. Thanks

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