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July 16, 2009


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Francis Hawk

As a patriot,Christian, and down right logical person I will make a comment. Civilians run the military, just as parents run children, if you are an @#$hole and breach loyalty, you lose. That is what was done in Korea and Vietnam. Ever wonder why no one cares about Iraq/Afghanistan? Clue...No one is drafted. We have a volunteer/high paid/mercenarie force now. Problem people have is trying to emotionally figure out what is a patriot and what is a bounty hunter.?ALERT.. No one needs to join. I actually served and was told to follow only LAWFULL ORDERS. GET A CLUE.
This is a coutry of the people,not the Government. Ever wonder why Jesus said what he said.? Logic.

Jeff Kern

"The above story indicates that "Based on eyewitness accounts, Buis is listed as the first American killed in the Vietnam War, and Ovnand the second… Panel 1E, Row 1."

Buis is listed first on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Ovnard second because names on the Memorial are in chronological order, and within each date they're listed alphabetically (thus, B is listed before O); there is no distinction on the Memorial that one person was killed earlier than another person within the same date.

[email protected]


That was an extremely moving story.

pontiff alex

WELCOME HOME Hap. I am honored by your presence here, and THANK YOU for my freedom. Be Well, Alex

pontiff alex

First two, or last two. =NEVER FORGETTEN= / re: Army 1st Lt. Brian N. Bradshaw ; R.I.P, and THANK YOU. I read the letter by Captain Adair, and I won't even TRY to say that my eyes didn't water up reading that. All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL. and are still giving. Without them, we are NOTHING...

Hap Arnold

At best I probably could have figured out the year they died. I never knew their names or anything else about their lives. Thanks for putting faces & "the REST of the stories" (Sorry, Mr. Harvey) to the 1st 2 names on The Wall. It's important to me that someone took the time & effort to do it. And it came from the "usual suspect."

Nam '71

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