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August 20, 2009


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Ninja R

You already know I don't like 'em too much, but I'm always amazed at the people my age and younger who are die hard fans.

Surprised you were out there last night. Traffic was awful, and the temps were up in the high-90s...but what's a little heat when you're watching a great show...

Kevin Mansfield

That McCartney guy's doing pretty well for someone who's been dead for so many years. I guess the rumors of his passing were slightly exaggerated.

It's not hard for me to say where 46 went seeing that I turned 46 in July. It was my second consecutive birthday in Iraq. I don't believe I sang any Beatles songs though.


I saw Paul perform about 25 years ago here in Denver-a most excellent concert and my only Beatle. I'm sure as sin he's an off the chart leftie but thank heavens he keeps his mouth shut for the most part. When I think of it, it really was one of the best concerts I have ever been to-I'm with you about crowds, a comedy club crowd is my max now-sporting events and arena concerts are a bygone

Latest to join the "can't watch their movies anymore" is Brad Pitt and that's a frigging shame because he is an excellent actor.

My first kiss was PKL, BTW in 1967-remember it like it was last night-weird huh?

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