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September 25, 2009


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Tim Montel

Gary, in the last photo you look just like you did in '62 as we were leaving "The Bungalo" by the rr tracks on the west side of town when you said "Circle the wagons, we got some serious work to do.". Instead of six-shooter you had a mitt. It's funny how a memory of Gene Autrey can evoke a little-league memory. As usual, great article. Timbo


Yeah, lots of photos, books, autographs, etc.

A nice day spent with genuinely nice people.


I own a number of Gene Autry movies on DVD. Good stuff. At first appearance, the soft-spoken Autry comes off as a sissy, but when he gets into a fist-fight, he gets downright MEAN!

BTW, did that Gene Autry festival have anything about Smiley Burnette (AKA "Frog")? He was one of those notable side-kicks to us Western movie fans!


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