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October 02, 2009


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pontiff alex

YEA!!! No BO-lymipcs!! I cannot expess my glee at our/Chicago's 'loss' of the Olympics. I DID NOT want to pay for it, and we in Chicondo have WAAAAAAAAY bigger, and more IMPORTANT things to deal with and PAY for as it is, let alone this FARCIAL attempt at Richard J. Daley Legacy Glorification Factor 23. We TOLD them "FUCK the Bid" and they listened.


I am SSSOOOOOOO glad that we lost out on the big O. Madison, WI is the midwest center for lunacy committed by the left. The "people" are already crying, "if we only had high speed rail, we would have had the big O!"
Sheeeaaattt, they were using the "comin' of the big O" as an excuse to ram high speed rail down our throats. Now they are using the wimp excuse that we DIDN'T get the big O because of our lack of high speed rail. I didn't want the big O anywhere near my jurisdiction because its a poor return on investment!
Not that the Caligula's of the left would really care. Once they would be sated on their debauchery; they would just move on and leave the mess for the peasants to clean up.


There is a good God in heaven that does answer prayers. There will be no Olympics in my backyard. I was going to move.
The best I heard was from a reader of another blog. He said " For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of the International Olympic Committee"
I'd go get attribution but it was a pen name. He has a quick mind.

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