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February 23, 2010


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Ninja R

Capt. Anthony Zinni? Son of the great Gen. Zinni, USMC Ret?

W.t.f, man. Wtf.


On the other hand we always used the worst of terms when describing the political officer attached to soviet military units but now we have PC officers in our own units. It's worse than having a gawddddam reporter with you. Now why in the world do so many of those survive?


Every Bird is looking for a Star and every star is looking for another and they all know that victory will be a liability not an asset. Clintonistas fill the ranks and make primary judgements. We will no longer fight in foreign lands. Nor will our sons. Nor will our grandson.
They are not the majority either but they have filled their ranks with imported voters.

pontiff alex

Micromanaging in it's purest form. and TOTAL bullshit on the battlefield. JAG, as in F'ing LAWYERS. Technology giveth, and technology taketh away......

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