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April 19, 2010


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I'm sorry, did I miss your tribute to Waco? The OKC bombing was a direct response by a nut, to Clinton(a psychopath) killing over 80 people at Waco. Waco was the most brutal act of this government in my my lifetime. The fucking Feds used tanks! on a facility they knew contained children. Just exactly what was the fucking hurry to get in there? The government had the place surrounded. Korashe wasn't going anywhere.

Does what McVeigh did in any way balance this? No, those Branch Davidians are still dead.

I'm sorry those people at the Federal center were killed but my sorrow is tempered by the fact it would not have happened had Clinton not killed those innocents first.

Further, there sure was a hell of a lot of fishy stuff around OKC. You gotta admit, McVeigh set some kind of trial to execution record.

pontiff alex

Bows head in Remembrance.........

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