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April 19, 2010


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One thing I forgot to add about colonizing space. The "visionaries" always bring it up in the context of the likely scenario of what we would do when we destroy earth's environment. But no one thinks to ask the obvious question of why we would abandon one uninhabitable planet to go try to live on another.

When it really, really becomes impossible to breathe in LA, why build a biosphere on Mars? Just go out in the Mojave and build one there. It looks just LIKE Mars and the shipping costs for the building materials and supplies are a fraction of doing it the other way.

pontiff alex

Great Post Larry!! op-ed away!! We should worry about the living HERE, and now, not the red planet. I love the truth about 'human fragility' anywhere that is 'non-earth'.


I am honored and humbled to have been your guest. My first "op-ed" column!

Semper Fi.

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