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May 06, 2010


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Thankyou sir jaha rahepani hami gdrahnuke gdrahnuke nai hau . yo manma ghandruko maya bairahnchha .aja yo jun bata ghandruk ko naya samachar padna pauda hami dirai khusi lagiraheko chhau . sir audha din haro ma pani abasya pani naya naya sachar padna paune asa gardachau ra antama gaun lagi kehi sahayog ma hami pani prayes gardchhu GHANDRUK SAMAJ HK


Last Saturday, in the small Mexican town of Mina. His body, with two Mexicans, was found in a Dodge truck that seems to have failed.


If the Phoenix Suns are so much in favor of "open borders" then they certainly wouldn't mind if fans sneak into their games without buying a ticket, right?



All I can say is a belated "happy sink hole de Mayo" to our beloved Country. It appears that all is lost...


My bumper sticker says that-INCOMPETENCE-you can only hide it so long, I thought I made that up!

I just had zazzle make me some that say, INCOMPETENCE-only the Obamabots can't see it

My key to turn this around is wresting control of K-12 away from the teacher's unions-they are positively killing this country. Vouchers will allow at least some of children to learn about our country and give them a basic economic education so when President Diapers spouts his bullshit, their hackles will rise.

Personally, I don't have much hope-thankfully I'm old, too bad for my daughter and my country

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