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July 21, 2010


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I researched it a llitte and there is at least some small valid reasoning in the goldline sales pitch. (that the coins they push on you vs regular gold eagles and such are less likely to be confiscated). When you call them asking to buy gold bullion, they hard-sell you on the more expensive numismatic type gold. That right there would tell anyone who isn't a moron to hang up. But these days we have to pass laws to save the morons from themselves. However, if it comes to confiscation (and probably will as govn't hates competition) they will probably just take it all anyway. Also, do you really think gold will be used openly? No, like in the 30's, people will just sit on their gold, not turn it in, and wait for a new regime where gold becomes legal to own again. Or they will trade it on a black market. Only super law abiding types (suckers) would benefit from the goldline scheme. Meanwhile, the spreads involved in buying goldline's french coins or whatever it is mean you lose a lot of money if gold ownership is not banned due to the huge spreads and its lack of marketability as bullion.BUT THE BIGGEST REASON not to buy from goldline or any online method of buying large quantities at a time is that there is now a RECORD of your purchase. They will know to come to you when they outlaw its ownership. Buy in cash, in small amounts, from local dealers, if you are afraid of losing it to the govn't later. I suspect that the obamacare rules about 1099 ing gold purchases over $500 was to cover this loophole .Beck is like EVERY SINGLE OTHER talk radio host I've heard commercials from. Whomever pays him the most has the BEST PRODUCT EVER! Neal Boortz in Atlanta, for example, mocked BMW's vs Mercedes mercilessly for years until they gave him a sponsorship. Basically said BMW drivers were a-holes. Then he suddenly decided it was the best car ever. Later, when that sponsorship lapsed, Mercedes was again the best car ever. They will hawk electricians well known to be crooks. Anything for a buck. Search the records of liberal and conservative celebs alike. They will shill anything.

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