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July 08, 2010


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Let me say first that I have a healthy reespct for those in our midst that swim against the current.I think that I can fairly say that that's what a black conservative is. And a black woman conservative--you're practically in a class all your own.You say that Obama has "extremely liberal views." Would his views be more palatable if he merely had "liberal views"?I'm not trying to be contentious, just sincerely interested in your point of view.A democrat, by definition, is a "liberal," just as a republican, by definition is a "conservative."I know: there are various shades within those categories.Of late, many white conservatives have elected to endorse Obama--and they're neither black nor liberal.I believe that it's the Palin factor that is the primary reason why C. Powell endorsed Obama, despite his stated reespct for her.Also, I believe that Powell reespcts a woman's right to choose, and is concerned that the next president will have the opportunity to nominate a couple more Supreme Court Associate Justices and, if that president is a republican, it would tip the balance towards a conservative majority, potentially threatening the existence of Roe v. Wade.Truthfully, Palin, in my opinion, is not up to the task of filling presidential shoes should some calamity befall McCain.And that his slogan is Country First is all the more ironic that he selected Palin to be a heart attack away from the seat of presidential power.Clearly his decision was political first and country last.Again, I reespct your ideology, although I find it flawed, and I, as do many other blacks, find the term, black conservative, to be paradoxical and inexplicable.I will return to read up on your evolving conservative views of your world. But I probably won't attempt to change your conservative outlook.That would be inexcusably presumptuous of me.You see, I don't necessarily feel a liberal point of view is superior to a conservative point of view, or vice versa.It is what it is.I see the world more in light of what works or doesn't work, given what it is we say we want.For me, at this moment, in light of what I say I want, the liberal view works better.


Obama.”Read more at WND. By Bob Unruh.Photo credit:marcmonaghan (Creative Commons)Related posts:Video:Black Panther Leader Praises Osama Bin Laden 6 Months After 9/11 Black Panther Chairman Malik Shabazz in a reelntcy uncovered video Frank Marshall


Make that Samir. I guess I ought to lear how to type.


King Shamir Shabazz is a despicable waste of human flesh. Kind of makes you wonder if some of the nutballs that describe these guys as less then human aren't actually right.

Obama & Holder are doing more to promote racial hatred and start a race war than a thousand robed klansmen ever have.


I hope to God none of my tax money ended up in this organizations hands. Come to think of it...I could never figure out how ACORN could get government I bet this internal cancer DID get some of my money.


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