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July 02, 2010


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I love it! I just love knowing that the very exincaste of Dick Cheney pisses off liberal/progressive/statist/marxist/collectivist twits like Mike Malloy makes me very happy. The anger of these types of people fuels my happiness, & I know that it will last a long time with Malloy, Rhodes, & Press to name a few who will always be pissed that the world does'nt give a damn about what they think or say. LONG LIVE DICK CHENEY!!!!!

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What a great conversation. It's a truthful issue happening today.


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Ya know, I'm beginning to sense that obama is just a feint by the lib drones that populate the hive.
I'm beginning to hear staories about the bureaucratic borg mates that are making the lives of the citizenery miserable.
Yeah, yeah, obama is a nasty pimple on the butt of America...but even if we remove him...we will still be stuck with the idjits that work for him.
The policies of this administration will remain after the evil one is removed. Kinda like the stink after a good s**t.


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